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Welcome to the Middle School Math and ELA Resource Room!

Hello! My name is Mrs. Spencer. I have the privilege of working with the middle school students of Corpus Christi School. This is my fifth year on the faculty and I am excited about some of the additional responsibilities my position will bring this year.

This year, I will continue to work with students, enrolled in 6.2, 7.2, and Pre-algebra math classes as I have in previous years, both during the regular academic periods and during lunchtime on designated days. Additionally, I will be working with several middle schools students to support their ongoing efforts in Language Arts (ELA). If a student is invited to participate in weekly individual or small group support sessions, a permission slip will be sent to the parent/guardian.

Also new this year, for both middle school Math and ELA, we are excited about a program which will provide a very targeted, modular approach to address specific skill areas that students may find challenging. In this program, a short term (once per week for 4-6 weeks) workshop will hone in on a skill that a student may be grappling with. As an example, the first math workshop scheduled for 2019 will be Computation with Decimal Numbers and the first ELA workshop will be the reading skill of Inferencing, both Explicit and Implicit forms. Parents of invited students will receive a letter to alert them that their student will be participating in one or both workshops for planned sessions throughout the year. Summative progress reports will be sent at the conclusion of the workshop sessions.

If you have any questions regarding the services provided in the Middle School Resource Room, please contact me through the school office or email me at:
The Resource Room is located across from the Science Lab on the 2nd floor.


Math Lunch Club
Bring your lunch and your math questions.
 Monday:  Pre-A
 Tuesday:  7-2
 Wednesday:  6-2
 Thursday:  By Appointment
 Friday:  By Appointment
Students in grades 6-2, 7-2, and Pre-algebra are welcome!

 Mrs. Spencer's email is: