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JUNE 7 TO 11, 2021



Mrs. Caporiccio and I are planning some fun activities for the remainder of the year, but please have them remember we are still learning and working right up until the end.  Please have your child bring in an old (or new) white T-shirt that fits them (or they can grow into and use as a beach cover) on Tuesday, June 8. We have a fun experiment planned for Wednesday. Would you also have them bring in a beach towel on Thursday or Friday for use Monday and Tuesday June 14 and 15. They will be bringing their crates home on Friday, June 11. They will only need a pencil and water bottle for the last two days. They have already begun taking things home from their crates, so they should be manageable. They will be able to wear their P.E. uniforms next week due to the expected heat and please do not let them forget to bring in their water bottles.


I polled my class and asked what they would like for their last day of school “party” and they unanimously wanted pizza and Italian ices. In the past we would be able to have families donate food items, this is not the case this year. I will purchase the ices and order the pizza from Village pizza. We have already had a generous donation for our cause from one family, so the children would only need to contribute about $2.50 each. Please let me know if your child has dietary issues. I have two students who have notes regarding gluten and dairy, but both order pizza on Fridays. They may bring in their own beverage of choice.


Thank you so much, and if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out and let me know.


Best and God Bless! I hope everyone has a wonderful, restful, and rejuvenating summer.

God Bless,

Mrs. Mulligan


Friday, June 11 bring crate home and bring in beach towel

Tuesday, June 8 bring in white t-shirt

Wednesday June 9 Returned SIGNED and INITIALED IXL FORM (can be returned on Monday or Tuesday June 7 and 8 as well).

Monday and Tuesday, June 14 and 15 are early dismissal days.


I hope everyone had a great hot weekend. As always, if you have any concerns, questions, or just want to connect, please email me and we can set up a virtual meeting. Please make sure you have two or three spare masks in your backpack just in case. Thank you! Do not forget your water bottles.

Science and Health: We continue learning about matter and states of matter. We will also continue to conduct experiments to investigate states of matter.


Reading: In reading this week we will continue reading HATCHET. This is realistic fiction. This will be our last story of the year.


Language Arts: We will continue to learn new vocabulary, stories about science fiction, and parts of speech.


Religion: We will begin our unit on the Family.


The words are also posted in QUIZLET and QUIZIZZ.

eddied dormant convulse tapered primitive persistent punky infuriating exulted rectify vital streamline unduly stymied surging unwittingly furor scarce



Mon. Finish Vocabulary pages

Tues. Writing Our Faith page 40

Wed. Worksheet

Thurs. Worksheet

Fri. Turn in all morning work.


Take your temperature before leaving for school. Sanitize as soon as you enter the classroom.

Make sure you have THREE spare masks in your backpack.

Bring a water bottle. Our refilling stations are up and running.

Stay a safe distance apart from one another.

Smile, we can see it in your eyes.

Eat a healthy breakfast and bring a healthy snack.

Put one or two spare masks in your backpack.

**Please continue to read 20 to 30 minutes a night.

Thank you.

As always, the agenda is the first place to check for homework assignments and then the portal. If you have any questions, both parent, and student, please do not hesitate to email me.

Best and God Bless,

Mrs. Mulligan

Our class for The Scholastic Book Club is CLASS CODE RGFBM.

8This website is a helpful tool but the unexpected happens, discussions run long, assemblies crop up, snow days happen, something unexpected happens in my life and I am unable to post daily lessons and homework, so please have students rely on her/his agenda book as the definitive on homework.