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Welcome to General Music!

The General Music classes at Corpus Christi create, perform and respond to the fundamental elements of music: pitch, rhythm, melody, harmony, texture and timbre. 
Each grade level participates in lessons that help them experience different aspects of music in a fun and engaging way.
The General Music classes follow the National Standards for Music Education as stated by the Music Educator's National Convention and by the Archdiocese of Hartford Office of Catholic Schools.
I. Vocal Students will sing, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of songs.
II. Instrumental Students will play, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of instrumental music.
III. Improvisation Students will improvise melodies, variations and accompaniments. IV. Composition Students will compose and arrange music.
V. Notation Students will read and notate music.
VI. Analysis Students will listen to, describe and analyze music.
VII. Evaluation Students will evaluate music and music performances.
VIII. Connections Students will make connections between music, other disciplines and daily life.
IX. History And Students will understand music in relation to history and cultures