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Welcome to Mrs. Furlong's 

5th Grade 



As I begin my 28th year of teaching, I am thrilled to be in the fifth grade classroom!  I strive to make learning fun yet challenging for every student. I foster independence and hold my students to a high bar.

I teach math and social studies to all fifth grade students. Religion, reading and spelling are also taught to my homeroom. We will be doing many hands-on activities and interactive learning this year to make the curriculum come alive. Just a few of the things to look forward to this year are the Pilgrim Simulation, Living Museum, and math activities. 

Our specials this year are:

Mondays- Art

Tuesdays- Library/Study Hall

Wednesdays- Music


Fridays- Spanish



Tests/quizzes - 75% of final grade

Classwork - 15% of final grade*

Effort/participation/hw - 10% of final grade*

* Classwork and homework grades-

Star or similar- 100% - Work is all correct, neat and shows effort.

Check plus- 95% -Minor mistakes. Work is neat and shows effort.

Check- 85% - Most answers are correct. Students shows that the skill is understood. Work is neat and shows effort. 

Check minus - 65% - Student does NOT show a grasp of the skill. Most answers are incorrect and/or paper is messy, does not show effort or is incomplete.

*Check minus papers can and SHOULD be fixed/finished and returned to Mrs. Furlong. When satisfactory, a small check will be written on the minus line and the grade will be adjusted to an 85%. Work should be turned in asap. The latest a check minus paper will be accepted will be a week before the current trimester closes. If the student needs help with the assignment, I am very happy to assist! The student must let me know. 


If you ever have any questions or would like to touch base for any reason, please email me at I look forward to working with you and your children this year! 

May you see God's many blessings,

Mrs. Furlong