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Mrs. Shiring Web Pages

Upcoming events:

NYC 8th grade trip        Friday, November 17th

End of term 1                 Tuesday, December 1st

"A Christmas Carol"      Thursday, December 14th

7/8 dance                        Friday, December 19th

7/8 dance                        Friday, March 2nd

End of term 2                  Wednesday, March 14th

Grandparents' Day          Friday, May 4th

8th grade dance              Friday, May 18th

Graduation                      Friday, June 8th 


A note about homework assignments & the portal...

    I try to keep homework assignments up-to-date on my web page. HOWEVER, students are strongly encouraged to use their planner rather than relying on the portal. The planner is a more reliable source than the portal...sometimes I change the homework assignment in class or forget to put it on the portal. Students always know what the homework assignment is before they leave my class. The portal should be used as an emergency back-up only. Using the planner well & effectively is an excellent lesson in responsibility, independence, and self-reliance.