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      Mrs. Ronkese’s Second Grade Shining Stars!!!



 Keeping in the Loop
Please continue to check their folder and planner daily.  Their planner is a great tool for communication. Friday folders go home on Friday's.  You will have an opportunity to see the work they have done throughout the week.
Each night you will see homework in Spelling and Math.  The students should be reading for 20 minutes per day and practicing their math facts daily.  (addition and subtraction) 
Reading, Grammar, Phonics, Spelling~
  The next couple of weeks the students will begin to have an understanding about long and short vowels, new vocabulary to go along with the stories they are reading and new reading skills such as character, setting, main idea, details, facts and details.  The students will understand the parts of a sentences as well as different types of sentences.  
   I would like your son or daughter to read them to you. Talk, share and discuss the book. Talk about the problems within the book, the characters and their actions. Your son or daughter may come home with an activity to do along with reading the book and sharing with someone at home.  They should be reading about 20 minutes per day. 


  The students are working on addition and subtraction.  Students should have an understanding addition and subtraction and finding the difference  Your child should be practicing their math facts for about 10-15 minutes per day at home. ( is a fun and great website that will help to support.)   

Science~ We are working on inquiry based activities and learning all about observation.  We are also working on matter.  What is a solid, liquid and gas?  Differences?

Writing~  We are currently working on capitalization, punctuation, and sentence structure, The students are also working on transitioning from one paragraph to the next.   The children are continuing to learn the writing process. 

Religion- The students are understanding how the church welcomes us.  They will be attending Mass once a month with their 6th grade buddies along with going to church to pray rosary and learn the parts of the rosary.  We will also talk about ways that we belong to a group.  Some faith and focus words will be holy, saints, original sin, people of god, sacraments, praise, prayer, conscience, and sin.  

Social Studies~ We are learning about communities.  Vocab words urban, rural, suburban, community, farm land, etc.  We will also be learning about laws, school rules, community laws, community and state government, leaders and our president.


Classroom Wish List....

Citi Blocs 

Bonus:  Hand in on a post-it note.
What is the difference between a solid, liquid and gas?