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Social Studies;5th


Internet Links

All Classes:Bill of rights game

All Classes:Design your own book cover

All Classes:Middle school interactive sites and quizzes for English

All Classes:Multiple Intelligence Test

All Classes:Listen to poetry

All Classes:link to summer reading Wonder

All Classes:Geology of CT - Yale

All Classes:Find your strengths

All Classes:Analogy practice

All Classes:Tuck Everlasting review game

All Classes:

All Classes:

All Classes:Sheppard software

All Classes:oral histories

All Classes:Today's meet

Geography; 8th:map of the Middle East

Geography; 8th:Pretest for Geography

Geography; 8th:iframe>" target="_blank">online test

Geography; 8th:Power point on Russia

Language Arts; 7th:Beginner and Advanced Grammar Games

Language Arts; 7th:The Louvre

Language Arts; 7th:Famous Paintings

Language Arts; 7th:Great site to use for test practice

Language Arts; 7th:

Literature; 6th:test act 1 phantom tollbooth

Science-Health; 5th:

Science-Health; 5th:Starry Skies

Science-Health; 5th:Mighty Minerals

Science-Health; 5th:mystery images

Science-Health; 5th:Galaxies and Stars Scavenger Hunt

Science-Health; 5th:stars geo cities

Science-Health; 5th:moon facts

Science-Health; 5th:moon facts

Science-Health; 6th:Gravity Launch

Science-Health; 6th:Groundwater lab

Science-Health; 6th:Groundwater lab

Science-Health; 6th:Groundwater lab

Science-Health; 6th:Global Warming

Science-Health; 6th:The Ozone Layer

Science-Health; 6th:The Basic Language of The Clean Air Act

Science-Health; 6th:Go with the flow

Science-Health; 6th:Geology of CT - Yale

Science-Health; 6th:Plate Boundary Game

Science-Health; 6th:Geology of CT

Science-Health; 6th:Geology of CT

Science-Health; 6th:flashcards for ecosystems

Social Studies; 5th:Padlet for the Articles of Confederation

Social Studies; 5th:brain pop bill of rights

U.S. History; 7th:Underground railroad interactive game

U.S. History; 7th:The Antebellum South

U.S. History; 8th:Time magazine cover

U.S. History; 8th:Inflation Calendar

U.S. History; 8th:Holocaust Museum

U.S. History; 8th:Wilson's fourteen points

U.S. History; 8th:The Story of Banks

U.S. History; 8th:Depression pictures

U.S. History; 8th:The Dust Bowl

U.S. History; 8th:prices during the depression

U.S. History; 8th:Weapon timeline WWII

U.S. History; 8th:inflation calander what it costs now to then

U.S. History; 8th:Trench warfare simulation

U.S. History; 8th:Wilson's fourteen points

U.S. History; 8th:Trench warfare and personal stories

U.S. History; 8th:WWI song

U.S. History; 8th:WWI song




Forms & Documents

Practice for Tuck Everlasting Jeopardy


weather words


Power Point on Weather Instruments


Mrs. Neville Web Pages


This website is a helpful tool but the unexpected happens, discussions run long, assemblies crop up, snow days happen, something unexpected happens in my life and I am unabe to post daily lessons and homework, so please have students rely on her/his agenda book as the definitive on homework.
       Assistant Principal  

  5E Homeroom and 5th Grade Social Studies Teacher