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Good Day Grade Five!

Thank you for returning our Bushnell field trip forms. We should have a wonderful trip. The book report for November is a compare and contrast of the book and the musical MISS NELSON IS MISSING. They received the instructions last week. It is also posted in Google Classroom.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. This week in reading and language arts we will be discussing how we overcome personal challenges, for example coming to Ellis Island and immigration. We will continue to practice subject/predicate, parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions, pronouns, and interjections,). We will also be working on complex and compound sentence as well as imperatives and prepositional phrases, and what makes a “good sentence”.

In poetry and writing, the students will finish their final draft of their acrostic poems, read some Shell Silverstein, and write their final copy of their news letters in Google classroom on their Chromebooks.

In Religion, we have started chapter four, our Sacramental gifts. Chapter four review due on Thursday and our test on Chapter four is also on Thursday.

In science, we will do our last review of Unit 1 and have our Unit test on Tuesday. They have a quiz for each lesson which will serve as their unit 1 study guide. We will begin our new unit on Wednesday, the Engineering Process. We will finish our experiment from the thirteenth on Friday. Students will need to make sure their Data collection sheets and the observational review on pages 55 and 56.

We have DARE on Tuesday and the Gospel on Friday.



they're you've weren't needn't there'd they've mustn't

what'll doesn't hadn't could've would've should've

might've wouldn't who've shouldn't who'd this'll couldn't


there've mightn't what've must've there'll


barren: unable to produce much or any plant life

deafening: stunningly loud

lurched: leaned or rolled suddenly

previous: coming or being before

prying: moving or forcing open; searching too curiously

surveying: looking over or viewing 

Just a reminder about homework. Please make sure your homework goes back into your homework folder when completed and returned to your binder to bring back to school the next day. Homework is posted on the portal, but the agenda is the main page. If a student does not finish their work in class, often they may finish it for homework. Since this is just one or two students it would not be listed on the portal.

Best and God Bless,

Mrs. Mulligan

Our class for The Scholastic Book Club is CLASS CODE RGFBM.

Thank you!


This website is a helpful tool but the unexpected happens, discussions run long, assemblies crop up, snow days happen, something unexpected happens in my life and I am unable to post daily lessons and homework, so please have students rely on her/his agenda book as the definitive on homework.