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April 23 to 27

Good day Grade Five!!!

Science: We will continue our decomposer investigation. We will also finish our unit 6 on our ecosystem. We will do our reviews in class and finish our decomposer experiment. On Friday we will conduct a new experiment where they will design their own experiment and decide how they can measure the amount of gas produced from yeast in different size bottles.

Reading: This week we will be discussing how technology helps adventurers. Our story this week is THE UNSINKABLE WRECK OF THE RMS TITANIC. We will review character and plot and our conventions are contractions and negatives. Our genre is expository text and the paired selection is historical fiction. We will work on adjectives and articles.

Language Arts: We continue to review parts of speech such as singular and plural nouns, possessive nouns, conjunctions, simple and complete subjects and predicates, conjunctions, indefinite and reflexive pronouns, as well as imperatives and declarative sentences. We will review rhyming poems and write a limerick. We will finish our final draft of our Saint paper.

Religion: We will continue our LURES child safety program.

VOCABULARY:cramped: shut into a small spacedebris: scattered fragmentsinterior: inner surface or partooze: a soft mud or slime, especially at the bottom of a pond or riverrobotic: of or for a machine with moving parts and sensing devices controlled by a computer sediment: material that settles to the bottom of a liquidsonar: device for finding the depth of water or for detecting and locating underwater objects

SPELLING: silent or sounded consonant changes

music, musician, select, election, sign, signal, part, partial, haste, hasten, protect, protection, magic, magician, resign, resignation, electric, electrician, condemn, condemnation

CHALLENGE:coordinate, coordination, autumn, autumnal, statistic, statistician


Religion: Monday: no homework

Wednesday: Saint Essay final draft

Thursday: no homework

Reading: Monday: no homework

Tuesday: no homework

Wednesday: no homework

Thursday: no homework

Friday: Reading test (online)

Spelling: Monday: Write incorrect words five times, check for correct spelling.

Tuesday: no homework

Wednesday: no homework

Thursday: Study your words

Friday: Spelling test

Science 5E & 5W:

Monday: no homework

Tuesday: no homework

Wednesday: no homework

Thursday: no homework

Friday: no homework

Lang. Arts 5E & 5W:

Monday: Finish your Saint paper final draft.

Tuesday: no homework

Wednesday: Saint Essay final draft due.

Thursday: no homework


Monday: Regular day

Tuesday: Field trip to The Bushnell morning, afternoon hearing screening. OPEN HOUSE

Wednesday: IOWA testing begins. Please eat a good breakfast! You may bring in gum if you wish.

Thursday: April 26 Our box top dress down day.

**Please continue to read 20 to 30 minutes a night. You no longer need to record your reading on the reading log.

Thank you.

As always, the agenda is the first place to check for homework assignments and then the portal. If you have any questions, both parent, and student, please do not hesitate to email me.

Best and God Bless,

Mrs. Mulligan

Our class for The Scholastic Book Club is CLASS CODE RGFBM.

Thank you! 

This website is a helpful tool but the unexpected happens, discussions run long, assemblies crop up, snow days happen, something unexpected happens in my life and I am unable to post daily lessons and homework, so please have students rely on her/his agenda book as the definitive on homework.