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February 5 to 9, 2018  UPDATE Feb. 7, 2018 

Good day Grade Five!!!

 Due to our day off!  Our Science and Language Arts homework is not due Friday.  We will go over them and start them on Thursday!  Working on correcting all of your papers now.  :) 

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. In writing we will be writing thank you notes. We continue to work on parts of speech, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and descriptive writing. We will finish our final draft of our Cinquain poem. Our book reports are due Wednesday. We will begin presenting our projects on Friday. Each project is to be two to three minutes long. We will present this Friday and next Thursday. Scenes will be presented next Friday to give everyone time to rehearse. All those helping with scenes for another will receive extra credit.

Science: we continue to study how things grow and reproduce. We will record our data from out two growing/germination rate experiments.

Reading: we will continue to discuss how artists and inventors inspire us. This week we focus on special effects.

Language Arts: we continue to review parts of speech such as singular and plural nouns, possessive nouns, conjunctions, simple and complete subjects and predicates, conjunctions, as well as imperatives and declarative sentences. We will review and write thank you letters and finish our poems.

Religion: we will talk about how we know God loves us and is merciful. Students will discuss how God is always ready to forgive us.. Our Chapter 15 test is on Thursday.

SPELLING: Spelling: -un, -de, -dis: uncover, defrost, uncomfortable, discourage, disadvantage, unfortunate, unfamiliar, disability, discomfort, deodorant, unemployed, deflate, disbelief, unpredictable, disapprove, disappoint, unpleasant, dehydrated, disqualify, undecided

Challenge: unnecessary, disobedient, dehumidifier, disinfectant, disenchanted


Background: the part of a picture or scene toward the back

Landscape: picture or model of a scene on land

Miniature: anything represented on a small scale

Prehistoric: of or belonging to times before histories were written

Reassembled: brought or put together again


Religion: Wednesday: Chapter 16 Review

Thursday: Chapter 16 test

Reading: Monday: RWN 224

Tuesday: no homework

Wednesday: RWN 225 & 230

Thursday: RWN 232

Friday: Reading Test; Special Effects

Spelling: Monday: RWN 226

Tuesday: RWN 231

Wednesday: Write a paragraph using your spelling words.

Thursday: Study your spelling words

Friday: Spelling test

Science 5E & 5W:

Monday: no homework



Thursday:  Unit 4 lessons 3 & 4 quizzes

Lang. Arts 5E & 5W:

Monday: Cinquain final copy

Tuesday: Book report

Wednesday: no homework

Thursday: Thank you note.


Thank you for your permission slips. We need two chaperones for 5W.

Pep rally February 15.

No school February 16.

Please continue to read 20 to 30 minutes a night. There is a reading log posted in Google classroom for you to input your reading pages. Reminder, book reports are due February 7.

Thank you.

As always, the agenda is the first place to check for homework assignments and then the portal. If you have any questions, both parent, and student, please do not hesitate to email me.

Best and God Bless,

Mrs. Mulligan

Our class for The Scholastic Book Club is CLASS CODE RGFBM.

Thank you!


This website is a helpful tool but the unexpected happens, discussions run long, assemblies crop up, snow days happen, something unexpected happens in my life and I am unable to post daily lessons and homework, so please have students rely on her/his agenda book as the definitive on homework.