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Miss Soares Web Pages

Here you can find anything and everything you need to know about Miss Soares' 2018-2019 fourth grade class.  

Please remember the school dress code, girls need to have Mary Jane shoes with a strap (no ballet flats or boat shoes) and boys need to have black or brown leather dress tie shoes (no boat shoes). Thank you!  

Our Specials:

  • Monday: Art 
  • Tuesday: Spanish
  • Wednesday: No Special
  • Thursday:Library
  • Friday: Gym and Music    

Our lunchtime: 11:15-11:45  

Our recess time: 10:20-10:40   

Weekly, students should expect both a reading quiz as well as a spelling test. Both will take place on Friday. Students should be studying each night leading up to Friday. For reading, the majority of our preparation takes place through class work, homework, and class review (held on Thursday).***These days are subject to change depending on the nature of the week.*** 

This website is a helpful tool, however, students should rely on their planners as the definitive for homework. 

Extra help is available - please contact me to make arrangements.  

Any suggestions as to what you would like to see on our class website are greatly appreciated, all you have to do is email Miss Soares!