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Religion;204;7th - Ms. Bernaiche

Due Date Assignment Description
9/17/2021 Conflict Resolution Infographic Choose a scenario from the Work It Out Handout and develop a poster or google slide presentation that teaches others how to manage anger and resolve conflict
9/17/2021 Read pp. 18-20 We Live Our Faith
9/17/2021 Chapter 1 Quiz
9/16/2021 Read pp. 14-17 We Live Our Faith
9/15/2021 Read pp. 11-13 We Live Our Faith
9/15/2021 Showing Compassion Choose one of the situations from pg. 13 in Family Life Workbook and draw a response to the question.
9/10/2021 All About You
9/10/2021 Add/Subtract Index Card

What would you add/subtract to make the world a better place?

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