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- Ms. Bernaiche

Due Date Assignment Description
10/26/2021 2.1 Pg. 54 14 -44 even
10/26/2021 3.1 Pg. 103 8-26 even
10/26/2021 Combining Like Terms Handout
10/22/2021 pg. 804 in textbook 1-31 all
10/22/2021 Consecration Project 4 Assignment Choices - pick ONE to complete this week - assignment should be done on looseleaf paper, be neat, be your best work, AND BE BASED ON ONE OF THE FIVE READINGS FROM THE BOOK DONE THIS WEEK. Write a Poem About Mary - to know Mary better and to love her for being our mother and Jesus mother, brainstorm all the reasons she is special to us Saying Yes - Jesus was born because a very special woman said yes when God asked her to be the mother of our Savior. Read Luke 1:26-38. Summarize the passage. What are some of the ways Mary prepared for Jesus' coming? What are some things Mary may have done to prepare for Jesus' birth? Mary Name - On the left side of a piece of paper, write vertically the letters that spell Mary. Write adjectives that start with each letter and are descriptive of the Mother of Jesus. Decorate. Mary Prays for Us - Write a prayer, entitled Mary Prays for Us, and illustrate it.
10/22/2021 Chapter 2 Test
10/21/2021 Complete classwork Study Guide packet example questions and Pg. 804 1-31 all Students had double period to work on this assignment today
10/20/2021 Quiz 2.1 - 2.3
10/20/2021 Quiz 2.5 - 2.7
10/19/2021 Quiz 2.1-2.3
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