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Pre-algebra;0;8th - Mrs. Peak

Due Date Assignment Description
11/19/2019 Worksheet

Kuta worksheet evens Q1 to Q12

11/15/2019 Worksheet

Finish worksheet 3.2.

11/14/2019 Worksheet

Worksheet 3.2, Q1 to Q16

11/13/2019 Worksheet

Puzzle worksheet

11/8/2019 Activity

Use the Geobra activity on google classroom for 2 step-eqs. Show all the steps (in notebook) you chose to solve 10 2-step equation problems.

11/7/2019 Worksheet

Solving eqs. worksheet

11/6/2019 Study for test

Keep reviewing for part 2 of Chp test tomorrow.

11/5/2019 Textbook questions

Study Guide Chp Test pg 112

Test tomorrow.

11/4/2019 Worksheet

Worksheet  2.7 odd, study for test on Tuesday of next week.

10/31/2019 Textbook questions

pg 105 Q12 to Q26

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