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Mathematics;7.1;7th - Mrs. Peak

Due Date Assignment Description
11/19/2019 Worksheet

Worksheet 4.5.

11/15/2019 No Homework
11/14/2019 Worksheet

Worksheet 4.3.

11/13/2019 Worksheet

Worksheet 4.2 evens.

11/8/2019 Textbook questions

pg 166, 167 Q12 to Q38 even

11/7/2019 Textbook questions and study for test

pg 159 Q2 to Q6, Q8 To Q29

Chapter 3 test tomorrow.

11/6/2019 Textbook questions

Study guide questions pg 142 to 143, picture of pages can be found on google classroom.

11/5/2019 Textbook questions

Study Guide Test Questions on pg 144

11/4/2019 Textbook questions

pg 139 Q18 to Q25 and pg 140,141 all questions on these pages to prepare for quiz and summative Test next week.

Project is due Monday

11/4/2019 Project due 11/4/19
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