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Mathematics;101;3rd - Mrs. Furlong

Due Date Assignment Description
11/21/2019 Ch. 2 test
11/14/2019 workbook

p. 23 EVENS  and SUMS ONLY

11/11/2019 Log

Continue. Please encourage the use of IXL. 

11/8/2019 workbook

Finish p. 15

11/7/2019 workbook

P. 14, #6-10 only

P. 15 #5-8 only

11/5/2019 wkbk p. 13 EVENS ONLY
11/5/2019 workbook


Begin math/reading log.

10/29/2019 Study for ch. 1 test
10/28/2019 Log

Continue math log. All students have IXL accounts and should be using IXL at home. Flashcards, oral quizzing and "pencil and paper" practice are also suitable. Log due Monday.

10/24/2019 workbook

P. 11 #5-8

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