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Algebra;8.1;8th - Mrs. Peak

Due Date Assignment Description
11/19/2019 Worksheet

Worksheet 4.1.

11/15/2019 Activity

Index card with length of time on personal device and length of time spent on homework.

11/14/2019 Textbook questions

Study guide questions pg 193. Answer key on google classroom.

11/13/2019 pg 183 Q12 to 28 even, 29, 33-35, 39, 40-42, 44-46, 59 and quiz 3
11/13/2019 Textbook questions

pg 183 Q12 to 28 even and....


Q33 to Q35

Q40- Q42

Q44 to 46


Quiz 3

11/12/2019 Worksheet

Worksheet 3.7 is due Tuesday. All work to be shown for homework credit. The answer key is on classroom.

11/8/2019 Take home quiz

Take-home quiz needs to have all work shown and handed into Mrs. Peak at some point tomorrow for full credit.

11/7/2019 Worksheet

Worksheet 3.6 odds , quiz Friday, test next Thursday.

11/6/2019 Textbook questions

pg 165 Q22 to Q40

11/5/2019 Worksheet

The last two pages of your special solution packet.

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